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Time-Attendance System (TAS)

In recent times, there are large numbers of Biometric Systems that are commercially available. Such Biometric systems are based on unique characteristics of human being. The most common, reliable and successful system is the one based on Finger Prints. Users are supposed to put their thumb/index finger (or any specified finger) in the finger reader. The system then compares the finger print that is read with that in the central database for authentication.

Most of the Biometric Systems do not keep an image of the fingerprint but a template. A template is basically a number that is calculated based on various characteristics of the fingerprint. Such an approach is desirable so that unauthorized persons may not sneak in unauthorized images of finger print in the database. When a Finger print is to be matched, it's 'template' number is computed and compared with that stored in the database. Most systems allow for dry, greasy, chaffed and minor cuts on the fingers. The other biometric systems are based on 'Retina of the eye', Palm, photograph or voice pattern recognition. The Palm based systems take the image of the palm from various angles and compare the same. The system that is based on Finger Prints is most popular and economical.

BGIL_Biometric Reader
Biometric Readers are placed at the entry points in BGIL’s Time & Attendance System. These readers have option of showing the finger impression or entering pin number or showing the smart card or the combination of all these. The reader itself has built-in memory to authenticate the person and record the transaction.
BGIL_Time-EM Lock
EM lock is another component of BGIL’s Time & Attendance System. it is placed on top of the door and it usually keeps the door closed. Whenever a user comes, shows his finger or card or enters pin and gets authenticated then only the EM lock is operated and it opens the closed door.
BGIL_Release Switch
BGIL’s Time & Attendance System also uses a release switch from inside the door. This switch is used to open the door from inside if the customer doesn’t want to use the reader on both the sides of the door.
BGIL_Server Machine1
BGIL’s Time & Attendance System runs on a backbone system which is known as Time & Attendance Server Application. This application is connected to all the readers on TCP/IP network and treats all these readers as the client stations connected to the server. This server application resides on a server machine in the server room.
Biometric Reader EM Lock Release Switch Server Machine
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