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Digital Visual Effects

BGIL Studios has 2 dedicated Domino Double 4 workstations for compositing and realtime playback of finished effects at full film resolution.

Digital Visual Effects

Domino boasts one of the fastest and most versatile keyer to be found on any system in the industry. With a massive array of tools available to produce a totally convincing result in a single pass. Domino’s dedicated totally integrated structure also means that digital footage can be used interactively between different Domino systems located at different sites. All the setups for keying, colour correction, tracking and picture moving can be transferred seamlessly between any Domino system anywhere in the world.

Motion tracking is an indispensable tool in the digital film arsenal. Domino’s interactive tracking software allows tracking to be used in conjunction with every other facility. Applications range from simple object replacement to complex rig and wire removal. Eliminating gate weave or stabilizing colour changes to inconsistent exposure caused by lighting changes and shadowing. New 32 point tracking with controlled warping to stretch and manipulate picture elements now provides a dramatic film resolution repair tool..

Domino has the tools to deliver totally realistic set enhancements without increasing production costs. Backgrounds can be extended by digitally replicating parts of the existing scene, generated from within a 3D system, or brought in from a totally different source such as stock footage or even another movie. Crowd scenes may be achieved using only a small number of extras, shot in different positions, then seamlessly composted into the final shot. In this way talent and props can also be inserted or removed - which is invaluable if the talent is unavailable during parts the shoot and must be added in at a later stage.

With Domino, most problems that occur during shooting can be fixed in post-production, saving costs, extending flexibility and giving the film maker the power to release every facet of their vision.

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