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Lighting Management System (LMS)

Our products are developed to meet the mandatory requirements of today's energy codes, while providing you with significant energy savings. To meet the energy challenges of today, BGIL has combined experience in the electrical industry with the latest available technologies to offer the most comprehensive offering of energy-saving lighting controls in the industry. From multi-technology occupancy sensors and breakthrough lighting relay panels to our Centura Fluorescent Dimming and Energy Management System and more...

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With the most comprehensive line of energy management products to help you save energy, meet code compliance, and even garner rebates, BGIL brings it all together to help you build a complete integrated energy management lighting control system. Only BGIL takes you from start to finish with service, support, and free design tools every step of the way. This means more options for delivering the ideal control solution for each application. Easy system design, easy product selection, easy installation, and the best customer experience - BGIL makes it easy to be green. Please decide whether you are looking for information on residential or commercial products

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BGIL Product Solutions:-

  • Wall Switch and Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors
  • EZ-MAX Relay for up to 4 lighting circuits
  • Z-MAX Relay for 4 or more lighting circuits
  • Dimensionsô D-3200 & D4200 Architectural Lighting Control Systems
    In buildings of less than 10,000 sq. ft., the maximum space to be managed by an individual
    lighting control canít exceed 2500 sq. ft. For buildings of more than 10,000 sq. ft., the
    maximum space managed an individual lighting control canít exceed 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Override of automatic shutoff canít exceed 4 hours
  • Occupancy sensors or manual switching/dimming controls are required for all rooms created with partitions
  • Decora Timer Switches
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