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Continue to expand our product and services
Our products are currently customized to meet client specific requirements. We will continue to invest in enhancing the functionality of our existing range of products and services. We intend to invest in technology that will allow the features of each product offering to be aggregated, thus decreasing the level of customization needed to meet a particular client’s needs as features can be enabled or disabled as required. We have already identified products and services viz. Mobile application, Tokenless Two Factor Authentication (TTFA), automatic number plate recognition system and ticket dispensing system which will be launched by us. We believe that this investment will allow us to enhance the competitive positioning of our product offerings and expand the size of markets that we target.

Creation of new products:-

We intend to continue investing in our R&D capabilities, particularly with a view to designing software engineering tools that enhance our ability to execute large, end-to-end projects and develop software solutions that address clients in specific industries. We believe that this investment in new product development and in R&D technology, facilitates our growth by expanding the size of the market space that we address, while mitigating business risk by reducing our dependence on the success of individual product lines.

Increase our customer base:-

We believe that increasing security threats and regulatory compliance requirements will generate demand for our solutions from new customers. We plan to continue to acquire new customers by addressing their security and compliance needs with our existing and new solutions. We plan to pursue new customers in industry verticals where growing regulatory requirements and security threats create demand for our solutions. To target new customers with limited IT resources and compliance expertise, we also plan to promote our remote management services and to offer alternative solution delivery methods.

Strengthening our brands:-

We intend to invest in developing and enhancing recognition of our brands, through brand building efforts, communication and promotional initiatives such as interaction with industry research organizations, participation in industry events, public relations and investor relations efforts. We believe that these initiatives, as well as the listing of our Equity Shares, will enhance the visibility of our brands and strengthen our recognition in the Indian IT solution industry.

Farther developing our alliances:-

We intend to grow and strengthen our technology alliances with leading technology companies, which will assist us in sales and delivery. These alliances typically involve systems integration, joint product development and joint “go to market” strategies. We also intend to develop other alliances with local companies that have a strong presence in emerging markets so as to acquire business development capabilities and a credible local presence in these markets.

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