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Media and Entertainment Division :- Digital Post Production Studio

In this Media and Entertainment Division, we have a Digital Post Production Studio, Known as BGIL Studio at Andheri (West), Mumbai. It is an integrated end to end Film's Post Production and Visual Effects Services House. BGIL's Studio offers Services ranging from visual effects, digital film lab (digital intermediate, high-resolution film scanning and film recording) and editing and motion control to High Definition production. It helps its clients to define their style and design through an ongoing interaction and close relationship coupled with the experienced inputs during each and every project which ultimately translates into a special customized product being delivered to our clients.


Post Production studio comes into effect once the shooting of the film is completed. The Studio gets the negative of movie from the film processing lab which is in an exposed form. The exposed negative is then transferred to 2 beta tapes or copies. One tape is used for film editing and the other is used for sound dubbing and recording. The editing copy goes into the FCP department where the first editing is done using FCP machine or Mac Pro. Once the work is completed on the FCP machine the copy then goes to the D.I. ( Digital Intermediate ) department for the purpose of scanning, color correction and visual & special effects which is done using smoke, luster, and different special effects using ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS, MAYA & 3D MAX. After the D.I. process the final copy of movie is ready in visual format. The Sound department works on dubbing and dolby sound at the same time. Both the final output of D.I. negative and the sound negative are then merged into one final copy which is known as married copy.

Types of plant & machineries require for digital post production of film are FCP & MAC PRO is used for offline editing, Smoke (Autodesk) is used for adding effects to the film, Film Scanner (Cintel) is used to enhance the quality of film and then transfer to Digital Media, Autodesk Luste is used for colour grading and enhancement of Image, RRI is used for film recording as final output to the Digital Negative, Adobe after effects and MAYA & 3D MAX Process are used on windows based workstations for graphics and animation work.

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