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Student Information System (SIS)

BGIL’s Student Information System is a software which is very useful for the universities, schools and colleges. This software is used to make the information available to the students. Information could be about anything e.g. about their exams, about their time schedule, about their games, about their Fee structure, about their placements etc.

The application is very user friendly and can be hosted on a self-serve kiosk which can be accessed using the students ID Cards. The application is integrated with smart cards so when an student comes to kiosk he has to show his card to the reader putted in the kiosk and then he can access the application. Student can also take a printout of any important information if he want to as the application is also integrated with a thermal printer.

BGIL_Thermal Printer
BGIL’s Student Information System uses Thermal Printer to print the receipt of the selected information by the student. Student has to select the information he want to print and click on the print option. Thermal printer then will print the required information.
BGIL_Touch Screen Kiosk
BGIL’s Student Information System can be deployed at a self service touch screen kiosk to give more ease to Students. Student can come down to the kiosk and view and print his details or any required important information.
BGIL_Smart Cards
BGIL’s Student Information System is integrated with the smart card technology. Application can utilize their existing smart cards. All the transactions are stored in the database corresponding to that particular card ID.
BGIL_Smart Card Readers
BGIL’s Student Information System works around the smart card technology wherein all the transactions are running on the card ID/Employee ID. For this purpose we utilize the smart card readers which give the card ID to our Student Information System.
Thermal Printer Touch Screen Kiosk Smart Cards Smart Card Readers
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