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BGIL's Toll Management System© (TMS)

Toll Management System© uses various technologies that allows the manual in-lane toll collection process to be automated in such a way that customers do not have to stop and pay cash at a toll booth. With TMS, an actual toll plaza is not even a requirement to collect tolls. The TMS equipment can be mounted on overhead gantries and/or in the pavement, which allows vehicles to be charged while they proceed at highway speeds.
For a TMS implementation to be effective, reliable and achieve maximum throughput and customer acceptance, three major in-lane/roadway components are required:

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)uses a radio Frequency (RFID) device located in the vehicle to uniquely identify the vehicle to the toll equipment.
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC)uses various sensors in and around the lane to determine the type of vehicle so that the proper toll can be charged.
  • Video Enforcement Systems (VES)capture images of the license plates of vehicles that use the facility without a valid tag so that the owners can be identified and notified that a toll is due. All of these systems are tied together by what is commonly referred to as a lane controller.

Key Features:-

  • Create an easy to operate and maintain system
  • Increase process speed: all available information had to be automatically verified, aggregated and posted in the system, with minimum human intervention
  • All data is automatically consolidated and verified. Email notifications are sent to system operators in case errors or inconsistencies are detected. System operators can then access the system directly from the email links and immediately correct wrong data.
  • Hot Card Filtering for fraud detection filtering.
  • Card Issue Centers can be located anywhere.
  • Multiple Toll collection modes.
  • Multiple redundancies and use of defensive programming techniques does not lead to catastrophic failures.
BGIL_Traffic Light
BGIL’s Traffic lights incorporate the high intensity, long life, low power consuming LED technology with battery backup and driven by mains/solar power. It can easily work on solar energy and is provided with a battery backup system to work during the power failures.
BGIL_Boom Barrier
Boom Barriers are becoming a necessary device today for all the secured locations. Boom barriers are used to restrict the access of vehicles to a parking lot. Boom barriers can be used in office parking, utility parking, toll plazas and wherever you want to restrict the vehicle access.
BGIL_Thermal Printer
Thermal printer is another component of BGIL’s Toll Management System. When a vehicle comes at the toll gate it has to pay for using that particular road and when a person pays his toll he is supposed to get a receipt of the same. Thermal printer is used to print the receipts of the toll paid at every toll plaza so it becomes a vital component of the Toll Management System.
BGIL_Loop Detector
Loop Detector is used to detect the presence of a vehicle. It can give an output to third party hardware to be triggered. For example once a vehicle is detected by the loop detector a reader could be activated to read the tag or the barrier could be operated. Loop detector also works as a security device as it won’t allow the boom to come down as long as the presence of a vehicle is getting detected.
Traffic Light Boom Barrier Thermal Printer Loop Dector
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