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Information Technology Based Solutions :- Overview of Safety, Security & Automation

We have designed our products and services to provide automated solution that helps enterprise to meet the challenges of making IT infrastructure secure and compliant. Our solution provides visibility across the IT infrastructure, intelligently identifies security threats and compliance breaches, and automates security and compliance processes to reduce risk. We have total of 32 Radio Frequency Identification solutions, out of which we got registration for 8 solutions from Government of India, Copyright office and six applications are pending with the concerned authority.

Safety, Security & Automation System ensures undisturbed and safe operations. It encompasses security of assets and premises from data loss, terrorism, or sabotage by providing the integrated physical & logical security solutions. It facilitates in monitoring the movement of people and assets pf an organization.

In Safety, Security & automation, we analyse, evaluate, design, implement and maintain a coherent set pf processes and systems for effectively managing infrastructure safety and security. As with all management processes, safety and security management remains effective and efficient in the long term, adapting to change in the internal organization and external environment. We stand for protection against unauthorized access from both inside and outside the company.

Technology :- The IT division of our Company has developed products in house in its R& D centre in Noida using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. RFID is our key technology and used for identification and tracking of the identity, location and conditions of assets, tools, inventory, people using radio waves. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses special data carriers, or tags, to hold data. Readers use RF signals to communicate with the tags. Generally, range, Data Transfer Rate (DTR), and the dampening effects of overlying materials increase with frequency.

Feature of Safety, Security & Automation

  • Proactive Threat Detection - Identify, alert, dispatch, and analyze the threats detected with True Sentry.
  • Lower False Alarms Rates - False alarms are operationally unacceptable and BGIL'S SSA reduces the rate of false alarms without missing the real incident alerts.
  • Less Human Error - BGIL's SSA doesn't miss a thing so you can be certain that your infrastructure is safe and secure at all times.

Benefits of BGIL's Safety, Security & Automation:-

  • Reduction of company’s expense.
  • Improvement of safety situation and therefore cost reduction due to minimized accident and liability risks
  • Complete identification and transparency of all safety-relevant procedures/processes.
  • Detailed evaluation of safety status at centralized location.
  • Adaptation to the company’s individual requirements due to modular structure Consolidated display of open tasks
    and safety-relevant processes.
  • Protects your company and its values against potential threats and thus avoid the additional costs caused by ecurity incidents.
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