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Laptop Tracking System (LTS)

Laptops are an important tool and a common fixture in virtually every company these days. As a result laptops end up with all kinds of business critical and even confidential information. Laptops offer employees instant access to product information and plans, customer lists and sales contracts - essentially all the tools required to run a business. Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of employee laptops given the sensitive nature of information contained on many of them. This reality combined with the fact that laptops are moved around more frequently today due to the nature of current business that requires more employee travel, make laptops a critical asset that need to be tracked.

Benefits of Laptop Tracking:-

  • Real-Time Traceability of Laptops.
  • Improved security of Laptops.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property.
  • Ability of employees and auditors to quickly locate specific laptops saving time and effort.
  • Real-Time Laptop Discovery and Notification.
  • Eliminate manual configuration identification.
  • Tracks historical changes and generates alerts.
  • Maintain and manage a complete, accurate audit trial for every Laptop in the enterprise.
  • Elimination of theft.

Features Of Laptop Tracking System:-

  • Application-based solution for tracking RFID-tagged assets including laptops.
  • RFID Vendor Neutral - Not dependent on any specific RFID tag or reader vendor.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Generates real-time alerts on exceptions in business workflow.
  • Delivers alerts through email and SMS
  • Supports integration with cameras, alarms and other sensors
  • Scalable, Web and Java-based enterprise-class architecture
BGILís Network RFID Reader is best in class and designed for high speed performance. This can give a read range of upto 8 meters using the right combination of tags and antenna. BGILís Readers have LAN connectivity, memory as well as the input output ports to monitor and operate third party hardware. It can store the TAG data as well as the transaction data.
BGIL_Gate pedestal Antennas
Gate Security antennas are installed at the key entry and exit points in BGILís Laptop Tracking System. Gate security antennas are installed just to make sure that there is no unauthorized movement of the Laptops. They make sure that the right person is carrying the right laptop. Whenever an unauthorized movement is detected it is sensed by these gate security antennas and it initiates an alarm or it can send an email or an SMS.
RFID UHF tags are stuck on the Laptops and they work as the identity of the laptops in BGILís Laptop Tracking System. The laptop tags are generally hard passive tags which are stuck on the laptops with the help of industrial adhesive. Whenever somebody tries to remove it the antenna of the tag is broken and the tag becomes useless so these are tamper proof tags.
Handheld Reader
Handheld reader can also be used to scan a tag when somebody is taking out the laptop. Handheld reader can also be used for the auditing purpose in the BGILís Laptop Tracking System.
RFID Reader Gate Pedestal Antennas RFID UHF Tags Handheld Reader
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