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Canteen Management System© (CMS)

The objective of the system is to automate all the activities of the Canteen right from purchases to delivery of food/beverage items. The system should maintain a detailed account of all provisions bought and food served at the canteen. In addition to this, it should also maintain the daily expenses incurred by the staff. The system should provide an interface to payroll for deductions. Several inquiry facilities should also be provided to view the expenses incurred/ planned menus/cash payment etc.

Advantages of Using RFID Smart Card in Canteen Management System©:-

  • Single Card Multi-Location e.g. Vending Machines located in different places within the organization
  • Secure and Integrated payment through Smart Card for all the (food/beverage) items in the canteen
  • Speedy transaction
  • Exact Records of transactions can be monitored and calculated
  • Item Tracking of critical value
  • Creating Smart Shelf for ensuring quality of bakery and other fast perishable eatables
  • Eliminate the process of coupons
  • Reduce the number of small cash transactions
  • Monitors different types of food products and their consumption
  • Helps prevent wastage and unnecessary expenditure at the Canteen

Features of BGIL’s Canteen Management System©:-

  • Smart card based Canteen management system© facilitates multi-site operations
  • Recharge of Smart Card can be done by employees with the help of BGIL software interface
  • Comprehensive coverage of security aspects like operator login information access rights
  • Integration with existing and future application like access control, parking management etc.
  • Capable to generate meal coupons from dispensing machine through touch screen system
  • Capability of converting the units into rupees or vice versa
  • Impose restrictions on recharging Smart Card as per company’s policy
  • Information for multiple locations can be communicated through Middleware and saved in the central server.
    Information can be retrieved from any location through central server.
  • Employees would be able to use same Smart Card independent of location
BGIL_Thermal Printer
BGIL’s Canteen Management System© uses Thermal Printer to print the receipt of the selected food item. User has to select his meal type and click on the print option. Thermal printer then will print a receipt coupon for the same and that can be given at the service counter to receive the meal.
BGIL_Touch Screen Kiosk
BGIL’s Canteen Management System© can be deployed at a self service touch screen kiosk to give more ease to the end user. User can come down to the kiosk and select his meal by himself and he would be given with a receipt of his selected meal which he can present at the service counter to receive his meal.
BGIL_Smart Cards
BGIL’s Canteen Management System© helps customers to make their canteen process a cashless process. For this purpose we utilize their existing smart cards. All the transactions are stored in the database corresponding to that particular card ID/Employee ID and the transaction amount could be deducted from their respective salaries. Smart Cards can also be used as preloaded prepaid cards.
BGIL_Smart Card Readers
BGIL’s Canteen Management works around the smart card technology wherein all the transactions are cashless and running on the card ID/Employee ID. For this purpose we utilize the smart card readers which give the card ID to our Canteen Management Application.
Thermal Printer Touch Screen Kiosk Smart Cards Smart Card Readers
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